RFA Addendum- The following statement was added on page 3 of the 2014 North Central Sun Grant Center-DOT Request for Applications:

"Project Funding Level and Number of Projects for this Request for Applications: Although the maximum and minimum funding amount for a single project is not specifically stipulated in this RFA, the North Central Sun Grant Center expects to select two (2) to five (5) projects to utilize the available funds ($750,000 total)."


North Central Regional Sun Grant Center Competitive Grants Program- Click on this link for the full RFA:
2014 North Central Sun Grant Center-DOT Request for Applications

Pre-proposal (REQUIRED): 21 April 2014
Full Proposals: 13 June 2014

To be eligible, the lead Principle Investigator (PI) must be employed by a land-grant institution or other institution of higher education within the North Central Region.  PIs and key personnel must demonstrate competency to implement and complete a project, provide fiscal accountability, prepare project reports, and demonstrate a willingness to share information with researchers and other interested parties.

The states within the region include Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  Other individuals, businesses, non-profit entities, or educational institutions may participate through partnerships with defined entities located in the North Central region.  Projects that include partnerships among universities, industry, national laboratories, and other appropriate groups are strongly encouraged.

PIs must enter pre-proposals and full proposals through Webnibus

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